I feel exactly the same as a TikTok creator that uncovered a hidden trick to make the scribbles on your screenshots way neater: why did nobody tell me about this? Ramal Media posted a video on TikTok this week showing how you can easily hold down on scribbles you make on iPhone screenshots to make circles look perfect or arrows look like actual arrows instead of a mess.
In fact, most shapes work here. If you’re a fan of squares, rectangles, or even triangles, just simply draw them messily and then hold down to witness magic. I have no idea when Apple added this to the screenshot tool, but it’s been available since iOS 15 at least. A similar trick has also been available in the Notes app for a couple of years.

I feel stupid for not knowing this, but the iOS screenshot tool is full of neat tricks that aren’t obvious. You can create a full webpage screenshot if you’re using Safari and save it to PDF. There’s even a magnifier you can use to highlight a part of a screenshot by reducing the opacity around it.

If you think the screenshot tool in iOS is full of gems, take a look at the home screen or even iPadOS. Apple often hides useful features behind touch gestures that will always wow you once you realize they exist.

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