Just as there are two sides to every coin, there are also two sides to the technology coin. Technology has transformed and continues to change our daily activities, making it even more seamless to achieve more with less time and effort. Every aspect of our way of life has been digitized, from the subtlest—such as household chores—to the most complex technology applications.

However, it’s not all that rosy and good-intentioned on the other side of the coin, as there are a minority that have sadly made it their duty to use technology for all the wrong reasons. Cyberattackers are the modern-day Freddy Krueger on the business street. But how can you avoid falling asleep and getting trapped in a nightmare?

Walking A Tight Rope

Attackers are akin to a roaring lion constantly prowling around looking for businesses to fall into their trap. No business is safe from the grasp of these bad actors, as they’re all at risk of cyber threats.

Cybersecurity is a growing issue for businesses globally, as more and more attacks are being carried out by criminals who are targeting businesses for their valuable information, which can then be sold on the black market. Large organizations, as well as smaller businesses, are all walking a tight rope, as there are no exceptions to these attackers. The menace of cyberattacks on businesses has taken another turn since the pandemic, as more businesses became susceptible to attacks owing to a surge in online transactions because of the lockdown.



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