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The present innovation relates to design and develop a Medical Assistant RObot (MARO) able to complete multi medical functions in order to avoid contact between human nurses and coronavirus patients. The aim of MARO is to reduce as possible the physical contact between the patient in quarantine and the medical team. Achieving this goal will minimize the number of infected nurses and doctors. In addition, when Coronavirus disappears, MARO could assist the nurses in their medical job and cover the lack of the medical team.
In order to observe carefully the state of Coronavirus patient, several medical parameters (body temperature, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level) should be monitored frequently. MARO could be considered the best solution to complete the monitoring of these parameters keeping the medical team away from the patient in a safe zone. After completing this job the robot should send the measured parameters to the central computer where the doctor is present. One more function could be completed by the robot is the distribution of the medicine pill if needed to the patient.

In addition, the proposed robot will be designed to distribute the food meal for the patient. So, the robot could save not only the medical team but all the staff working in the hospital.
As Corona Virus could be dropped on the body of the robot, the latest, made by metal material, should be disinfected frequently. As the World Health Organization (WHO) reported in several research studies, this virus could live on metal surfaces up to tens of hours. Without disinfecting our robot, Coronavirus could be transferred out of the quarantine room making a real danger of contaminating all the staff. For this reason, a special box instrumented with Ultra-Violet light is also designed to disinfect the robot when needed.
As the robot should be able to complete several functions, the body is scientifically designed by a mechanical engineer in order to be stable and support the portable weight. The design of the robot should consider the presence of the robotic arm, cameras, LIDAR, all sensors, and space to port the food trays and medicine pills.
The robot will be driven and guided manually from a control station. A human nurse could easily carry out this mission. The station will include a screen to display the transmitted video from the camera. In addition, joysticks are used to drive the robot and to control the robotic arm.
Several sensors should be implemented on the robot to measure the critical parameters. To complete this job, a robotic arm should be performed. The robotic arm with 5 axes of freedom is used to support the infrared thermometer, the pulse oximeter, and the blood pressure machine. The patient temperature could be measured by using an infrared thermometer which is able to compute the measurement without touching the patient’s head. However, the pulse oximeter is used to indicate the oxygen saturation of a patient’s blood. The blood pressure machine is used when needed. The measured parameters should be collected in digital signal and entered a raspberry pi which is a microcontroller used to send the data to the central computer with the help of the WIFI.
The human nurse is supposed to drive the robotic arm from far. In order to reach the exact measurement position, a video camera with proximity sensor are used. The human nurse will be able to control the robotic arm by receiving the video and the position from the proximity sensor.
The parameters measured by the robot will help to keep monitoring hour per hour the condition of all patients. Moreover, MARO could detect quickly the condition deterioration of the patient. As it has been mentioned before, this robot could save the lives of the medical staff in the hospital by avoiding physical contact with the patients. Moreover, MARO is considered useful in all medical conditions, not only in combating COVID-19.

Dr. Mohammad Taki
Dr. Ali Hallal
Dr. Zyad Noun
Dr. Jamal Meslmani

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