Monday, January 18, 2021

It is all about Digital Media

Basically, any form of media which is encrypted in machine-readable form can be called digital media.

Digital media is any media which depends on electronic devices for its creation, distribution, view, and storage.

Popular examples of digital media include digital games, software, video games, digital videos, websites, web pages, digital audio( MP3, eBooks, etc.), social media, etc.

Digital media can be said to be an uncomfortable replacement for print media.

Online Digital Media

Technology highlights culinary exchange in Lebanon and helps to expand its...

قطاع الزراعة و المونة في لبنان إضافة لأهميته الاستراتيجية هو قطاع كبير و منتج و يشكل حركة اقتصادية و تجارية منذ عقود، وهناك شريحة...

Fooders! New Lebanese innovation, keep the good vibes.

Keep the faith, we will always excel in every field of expertise, we are Lebanese and proud and always ready to fight for Lebanon...

بعلبكي محاضرا في المجلس النسائي اللبناني

حول تجربة وتحديات وافاق التعلم عن بعد استضاف المجلس النسائي اللبناني (بمحاضرة عن بعد) الدكتور ربيع بعلبكي محاضرا عن تحديات و افاق التعلم عن بعد...

Office of the future! Virtual reality office designed by Facebook.

Facebook has unveiled a mixed reality workspace, which could help its employees work from home in the future. Organizations should plan how to adapt offices...

Cyber Security

Building an API in 60 seconds, without any server setup

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MAYA’S TECH Episode 2: Cyber Security

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