It gives me great pleasure to announce the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Professional Computer Association of Lebanon (PCA) and the Government Blockchain Association (GBA). Today’s signing sets a significant milestone for GBA chapter in Lebanon represented by Mr. Sam Lutfallah and PCA President Mr. Camille Moukarzel with certain goals and objectives such as:

1-Establishing a GBA training institution to deliver blockchain training certifications

2-Aiming for closer collaboration with the government of Lebanon on digitization empowered by Blockchain solutions

3-Aiming to develop a government innovation and technology center and support unprecedented opportunities

4-Lobbying to enact laws and governance on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Governance for better infrastructure and faster delivery of project

5-Enabling members of GBA and PCA to deliver on the above

Blockchain is certainly one of the key technology disciplines and game-changer in our pursuit to promote innovation and technology, not only because of its prospective economic contribution to diversify and grow our existing industry and business but also because of its boundless potential to revolutionize digital economies and to enhance the quality of life.

There are now over 100 GBA chapters and Lebanon is now on the global map footprint.

I will be very pleased to witness the commitment of the PCA with its members, and GBA establishes a closer collaboration and ties to leverage on each other’s strengths to spearhead translational transformation. I believe such collaboration is both timely and relevant. I am also confident that this international partnership will drive a new wave of world-class developments in Blockchain.


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