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Corona Anti- touch system

Professor Maher Osman

Anti- touch system

An innovation that limits the spread of the dangerous virus. Patent of the invention for a qualitative achievement done as a cooperation between the inventor Maher Jaafar Othman and the physics teacher Ahmad Mohammad Ibrahim.

Corona Is Here… Don’t Touch!

Whether it’s scratching an itch or resting our chins in our hands, the coronavirus outbreak has made many of us aware of the urge to reach for our faces—and we do it a lot. A 2015 study in the American Journal of Infection Control observed a group of medical students touching their faces an average 23 times an hour.

“It’s just an activity we do that we don’t even think about,” says Cynthia Weston, an assistant professor at Texas A&M University’s College of Nursing. “You feel like your hair is in your eyes, so you go to brush it away, or you feel tired and you rub your eyes, or your nose itches.”

Communicable infections like the coronavirus spread through droplets mobilized when a person coughs, sneezes, or laughs. Those organisms fall on surfaces in the area of the infected person and the next person who will touch the surface, like an elevator button, doorknob, or keyboard, will pick up the virus on his hands.

Based on these facts, an idea of making a kinetic physical instrument emerged. This instrument limits the movement of hands and stops the involuntary movements of touching the face only, but at the same time, it does not forbid them from doing their duties such as driving cars or motorbikes or any other mission completely as required. Also, the suitable scientific research with specialists concerned with hands’ motion was done especially after noticing a lot of mistakes regarding wearing masks and touching their faces, eyes, and noses done by people, kids, doctors, nurses and even political officials live on air which puts them in great danger of catching the virus.

Also quarantine or self- isolation is not applicable for a lot of people that have some social responsibilities and are obliged to be in their work such as security forces, healthcare workers, in addition to clean workers, bakery and supermarkets workers that should be protected from the dangers of touching their face during their duties. They need to be protected from the dangers of touching face which is equivalent to the dangers of getting in contact with infected people.

 Based on this, it is essential to have such a protective instrument (Anti-touch system) to protect ordinary people in addition to healthcare workers, especially that this instrument could be used to protect small children from chocking because of stuff that they directly swallow. The instrument is also important in facing and protecting from viruses other than COVID-19. Knowing that this project got a patent for invention from the Lebanese ministry of economics.

Found below a link that talks about the importance of not touching the face:

All rights are reserved/ patent of Invention-Lebanese Intellectual Property Protection.


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