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Facebook has become part of everyday life. Having your Facebook account hacked can be humiliating, it can damage your reputation or even cost you money.

I-Password Protection.

Suspecting that your Facebook account might be compromised? Follow these steps to secure your Facebook password.

Golden Rules:

Don’t use your birthdate.

Don’t use your name.

Don’t use your pets name.

Don’t use common words in your password.

Don’t use Facebook password on any other account or email.

Don’t Share your password and surely don’t send it on WhatsApp or on any other App or web service. (Skype, email, web chat…).

Don’t use “remember password” feature on computers other than your own.

Always create a different password for every web service/website you use.

A strong password will be at least 10 characters or more.

A strong password should contain at least one of each of the following characters: lower-case letters (a, b, c…), upper-case letters (A, B, C…), numbers, and special characters (#, @, $…).

You can also use an online password generator from a trustworthy source.

Only use trusted computers. If you are using a computer that you don’t trust, avoid doing using your password. Hackers commonly use key loggers on computer systems that record everything you type, including passwords.

Stay Tuned, our next Article (part II) will be about accessing Facebook security settings.


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