Building on his 15 years of regional experience in B2B procurement, sales and partnerships, Mohammad El Hoss decided it was time to venture into his own startup and reinvest his talent in his home country, Lebanon. His experience along with the experience of his team gave them quick access to build strong relationships with HORECA leaders. These relationships lead to exponential growth of their newly formed startup Cloudsale.

Previously leading a small wholesale trade business dealing with imports and distribution, Mohammad and his brother had gained first hand experience in the challenges of operating a small business. They decided to give up on traditional forms of doing business and invested in CloudSale, a platform dedicated for local wholesale trading; which incorporates the whole supply chain including financing.

CloudSale, the wholesale e-commerce marketplace, mainly supplies the hospitality sector with all their non-food items. A force to be reckoned within the Lebanese market, CloudSale grew from a team of few founders to a team of 10 hard-working and dedicated individuals determined to overcome the challenges of building a startup in the Lebanese market.

In a country plagued by instability, startups suffer from stone-age legal formalities and poor infrastructure. In the past few years, startups funded under circular 331 have faced many challenges in fundraising and scaling to regional and international markets.

In a failing economy startups can create new jobs and re-skill the workforce preparing them for the jobs of today and the future; therefore government support is essential. The government should digitize, facilitate and financially support startup licensing in order to encourage more entrepreneurs to take that risk. Furthermore, there should be additional support in helping startups get international exposure and scale to new markets in order to create an influx of foreign wealth which will be crucial in helping the Lebanese economy recover from the current recession. 

With all the challenges they had to face, their experience, hard work and Lebanese persistence allowed CloudSale to generate revenues that reached over 250000$ within the first 9 months of operations. They are recognized as the startup that gets things done!

Let us encourage our diaspora to come back and invest their expertise and talents in Lebanon, by supporting our local entrepreneurs, startups and crafting the right atmosphere for more success stories like

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BY: Youssef Jalloul – Digital Leadership: Driving transformation, revenue and profitability


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