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Modernisation de l’administration a l’ère de la transformation digitale: Création d’une CNIL Libanaise.

  Sous le Patronage du Président du Conseil des Ministres Son Excellence Monsieur Saad Hariri. La Faculté d'ingénierie de l'Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth (USJ) Et L'Association...

New threat group behind Airbus cyber attacks, claim researchers

By: Alex Scroxton, Computer Weekly Context Information Security’s threat intel and response teams says it has evidence that the recent supply chain attacks on Airbus are...

Why data-driven applications need a governance framework

By: Cliff Saran, Computer Weekly Data is the new oil – but without tight control, how can business determine that the data is valid? Data catalogues...

Cyber war as big a threat as nuclear war, says ex-RSA head Coviello

By: Alex Scroxton, Computer Weekly Former RSA chairman Art Coviello has been speaking about the devastating potential of cyber weapons, and warned that humanity must learn...

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