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Top 10 Solutions to Prevent Your Data from Being Stolen

By: Jake Lester, Fintech News The Internet is surely a wonderful invention that makes our life so much easier. But the more we use it, the...

How Big Data, AI, and Drones will change the future of warfare.

By: Ali H. Askar For thousands of years, warfare has been essentially the same: one group of men have gone to another group of men’s territory...

FinTech the Expected Opportunities in the MENA Region

By: Ali H. Askar Many great changes involve struggles between the center and the periphery. The great decolonization after World War Two involved many countries throwing...

How Cryptocurrency Is a Good Investment Opportunity

By: Fintech News If you have a considerable amount of capital and are looking for new asset classes to explore, cryptocurrencies offer promising opportunities. They...

Jacky’s Business Solutions looking for channel partners for SoftBank Robotics at Gitex

By: Zawya Jacky's will join SoftBank Robotics once again this year to showcase the wider applications of Pepper in customer and visitor management Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC,...

Egypt plans 7 technology parks in 2019, $50mln fintech fund

By: Staff Writer, ZAWYA CBE aims to launch a fund to support fintech startups early next year with a capital of $50-100mln Egypt will set up seven...

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Microsoft pulls open facial recognition dataset after Financial Times investigation

‘The site was intended for academic purposes’ Earlier this week, Microsoft removed a database of more than 10 million faces, intended as a test and...