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Zain KSA cancels tower sale agreement with IHS

By: Saudi Arabia, Telegeography Mobile Telecommunications Company Saudi Arabia (Zain KSA) has announced that it has decided not to sell its towers to IHS Holding Limited (IHS), after receiving...

Acumos AI Project Adds Smarts With Boreas

By: JAMES CRAWSHAW, Light Reading The Linux Foundation's Artificial Intelligence Foundation (AIF) has announced the availability of the second release of Acumos AI, its open source platform...

Nokia Set for Recovery With 5G Update – Sources

By: IAIN MORRIS, Light Reading Nokia is due to release a new software platform and take advantage of 5G standards progress to address some of...

Here is BMW’s new electric motorcycle concept

By: Frederic Lardinois, Tech Crunch BMW has a long history of building motorcycles, but it hasn’t done all that well in the electric motorcycle department. Clearly,...

Telegram adds location-flavored extras and full group ownership transfers

By: Natasha Lomas, Tech Crunch Messaging platform Telegram  has added a new bunch of location-based features via an update. Users of the latest version of the app will find...

How long will Amazon Prime Day 2019 last?

By: Connie Chen, Business Insider If you were to just judge it by the name, one would assume Amazon Prime Day 2019 would last for just 24...

Hackers steal call records from cell providers in ‘massive-scale’ espionage

By: Jon Porter, The Verge Hackers have stolen call records from over 10 cell providers worldwide as part of a “massive-scale” espionage attempt against at least...

New IT Process Automation: Smarter and More Powerful

If we think of the newest trends in IT service automation, or try to follow the recent research, or listen to the tops speakers...

Latest malware trends are bad news for business

Adam Kujawa, director of Malwarebytes Labs, discusses the latest Malwarebytes Labs Cybercrime Tactics and Techniques Report, why the report is unlikely to make organizations very...

How To Become A Cybersecurity Architect

Introduction Cybersecurity architects play an indispensable role in protecting a company’s networks, data and sensitive information from thieves and outsiders. If you’re a high-achieving cybersecurity...

Cyber Security

Mr Andre Zein- Founding member-Vice President of LITS.

Interview during the Lebanese IT Syndicate Board Of Trustees launching ceremony, Covered by IT Magazine M.E.