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IoT Devices Growth Estimates Drop Due to Reliance on Batteries: PsiKick

By: aamirhussain.kaki, IOT Electronics There would be 274 million battery replacements a day in a 10-year lifespan scenario and the number would be 913 million...

The IoT In Hospitality: Advantages And Limitations

By: Meghamala Paul, IOT Electronics Mobile engagement Today, the number of cellphones globally (6.8 billion) is almost equal to the number of people on the planet...

iRobot Acquires Coding Education Startup Root Robotics

By: Brian Heater, Tech Crunch With this acquisition, iRobot has added the startup’s eponymous $199 Root coding robot to its product lineup. Zee Dubrovsky, co-founder of...

Facebook Has Not Applied for RBI Approval to Operate Libra in India: Report

By: Helen Partz, Coin Telegraph Facebook’s newly announced cryptocurrency, libra, may not be available in India due to the current ban of blockchain-based currency transactions, as stated in a report by...

As Brazil’s Economy Risks Recession, Regulators and Banks Implement Blockchain

Brazil’s weak economic growth and inflationary pressure have led to more than 13 million Brazilians currently out of work. The unemployment rate currently stands at 12.5%....

BIS: Facebook’s Foray into Cryptocurrency Poses New Risks for Banks

By: Marie Huillet, Coin Telegraph NEWS The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has warned that the financial services poised to be offered by big tech firms such...

Australian Reserve Bank Official Advises Caution in Anticipation of Libra

By: Max Boddy, Coin Telegraph NEWS Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), Philip Lowe, cautions that Facebook’s announced virtual currency—Libra—may not attain mainstream usage in the near future, according...

From Clean Water Supply to Rebuilding Notre Dame: Crypto and Blockchain in Charity

By: Ana Alexandre, Coin Telegraph IN DEPTH The technology that underpins cryptocurrencies has been gradually entering the charity sector, purportedly providing more transparency and trust to...

Cyber Security



Mobile apps can expose you to theft, hacking.

By: Angel Tesorero,Dubai Ahli advised to download apps only from a trusted app store and never from a third-party source. Downloading mobile apps from a third-party app...