Image result for Iccrea chooses Appian platform to serve 4.2m Italian customers
byFinTech Futures

Iccrea Banking Group – recently created from a merger of 142 small Italian Cooperative Credit Banks (BCCs) – has chosen Appian’s low-code platform to automate key processes, reports Jane Connolly.

In order to enhance customer support and service delivery, while reducing complexity and manual tasks associated with regulatory compliance, Iccrea will roll out a number of applications on Appian.

These will include accounts payable approval, fraud management, IT support, new product introduction, and management of banking, financial and retail insurance products in compliance with the European Product Oversight Governance (POG) regulation.

Iccrea and the BCCs in the group serve 4.2 million customers, with around 2,650 branches across 1,700 Italian municipalities – making it the country’s fourth largest banking group by assets under management.

“Our vision consists of creating an architectural layer for modernising and automating our core banking processes,” says Iccrea’s head of organisation and projects, Cristiano Pietrosanti. “Appian’s low-code platform allows us to measure key processes for performance and efficiency, which enables continuous improvement.”

The group’s partnership with Appian aims to enhance service quality, gain greater speed in operations and to deliver exceptional customer experiences across any platform.

Iccrea has set up a new continuous improvement and innovation team, which utilises lean six sigma methodologies and intelligent automation technologies to accelerate the development of applications.


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