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Storing digital funds in a secure hardware wallet (HW) is a vital part of safeguarding your cryptocurrency holdings against hackers and other cyber threats. Here’s how to buy one of these devices for yourself using bitcoin cash.

Buy a Hardware Wallet on the Store The Store’s hardware section offers a variety of deals on physical digital asset storage devices such as the popular Ledger Nano S and Keepkey. Right now you can get one Ledger Nano S or a Keepkey for just $57.50, a pair from the same manufacturer for just $108 and a pack of five Ledger Nano S or five Keepkey hardware wallets for just $255.

The selection also includes a Cryptotag starter kit for $199 and the BC Vault One for $155. Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, Cryptotag stores your recovery seed using a titanium plate meant to protect it from physical dangers such as a house fire or a flood. The BC Vault One features an integrated gyro sensor, random key generation and encrypted backups, with support for BCH and over 2,000 other cryptocurrencies.

If you also need to secure some of your cryptocurrency holdings held by a third party such as on an exchange, you can use a physical security key. These hardware devices are a major upgrade for two-factor authentication methods and some hardware wallets support this feature too so you don’t need to buy two different devices.

If you are looking for more gadgets to buy with your bitcoin cash, check out the Store’s gift cards section. It offers hundreds of premium branded cards to retailers and online services, including sectors such as electronics and digital gaming.


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