By: Ivan Mehta, The Next Web

If you think your life sucks, you should look at what’s happening to Huawei. Last week, a bunch of companies stopped doing business with the Chinese tech giant. The list included GoogleIntel, Qualcomm, and ARM. Now, over the weekend, WiFi alliance and SD association have broken up with Huawei.

Nikkei Asian Review noted the Chinese company has been “temporarily restricted.”  The alliance said in a statement it’s complying with the US commerce department order:

Wi-Fi Alliance is fully complying with the recent U.S. Department of Commerce order without revoking Huawei Technologies membership. Wi-Fi Alliance has temporarily restricted Huawei Technologies participation in Wi-Fi Alliance activities covered by the order.

This means Huawei’s upcoming devices can still use WiFi technology, but it won’t be certified by the alliance. In the short term. the company’s devices won’t be affected.

The second blow of the weekend came through SD association. It has also delisted the Chinese company from its website. Due to this, future Huawei products like phones and laptops won’t be able to support SD or MicroSD cards.

Huawei’s future as a device maker is getting murkier and murkier by the day. If it doesn’t reach a settlement with the US Commerce Department, it’ll be very difficult for the company to sustain outside China.

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