Huawei App gallery
By Gareth Beavis 

This needs to work… and fast

After Google pulled Huawei’s Android support for future models, the Chinese brand has had a big problem: how to offer users apps to downloads, the lifeblood of the modern smartphone.

Huawei’s vision is to bolster its App Gallery, and a report in Bloomberg states that it’s currently trying to sweet-talk developers and networks into climbing on board.

The report says that Huawei is willing to offer generous revenue shares for networks to install its store on new phones – although it’s uncertain whether this is all new phones, or Huawei’s own models only.

The brand is also pushing for app developers to create titles for its new platform – the opportunity to gain exposure in the difficult Chinese app market being one of the key selling points, as well as touting the power of its own-brand processing and graphical power.

To make things easier, Huawei is offering simple software for developers to tweak their software to run on its phones – meaning there will be minimal effort to port the apps over. However, Microsoft offered something similar for the Windows Phone app portal, and yet couldn’t maintain the momentum as phone sales stalled.

Huawei faces an increasingly tough task to ahead: even if it can convince app developers to come on board in the droves it would need to create the thriving application catalogue users want, it would need to sell enough phones to make it cost-effective to said developer to keep updating their apps.

It’s something that could be done, but will take a lot of work and, most likely, financial incentive to work.

Via 9to5Google


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