By: George Burduli, XDA-Developers

Telegram X April Update brings revamped notifications and account manager

Telegram may not be as popular as WhatsApp or iMessage, but it has its fair share of users. The application has a clean and intuitive interface, as well as always backed-up media and messages. Telegram X is a variation of the service which aims to replace Telegram at some point. Telegram X doesn’t have any legacy code from older versions of the app, so it’s more stable and infrastructurally more up to date. Just a couple of days ago the application was updated to version, though it’s more conveniently known as the April Update. The list of changes is massive, but I’ll cherry-pick the most important ones.

New notifications system

The April Update comes with a completely rewritten notifications system, which Telegram calls Notifications 2.0. It has a lot of stability improvements and a couple of customization features. Probably the most notable change is that dismissed notifications will not appear again after receiving a message from another chat. Sometimes they just pop up randomly, so that’s now fixed too. Notification delays are also getting smarter so that you can continue messaging from your laptop while your phone lies on the table. Grouping the notifications is now possible too.

New account manager

Telegram also announced that the April Update includes Multi-account 2.0. As you probably already know, Telegram X has had support for multiple accounts for a while now, thus eliminating the needs of cloning apps or third-party alternatives. But, if you used many accounts, the device’s memory and battery struggled to keep up. Telegram X’s newest update fixes this issue by completely rewriting the core feature. They even claim that “it does not matter whether you have 3 or 3000 accounts in Telegram X,” and that’s very good to hear.


The features above are the ones that were built again from scratch, so I deemed them more important than all the others. But, there is more to the update. Telegram X now supports deleting messages on both ends in private chats, creating and participating in polls, installing and sharing language packs (I’m sure you’ll get creative with it), an improved 2FA process, and way more. The changelog can be seen below. The April Update is only available for 50% of users now, so you may not have received it yet.


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