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LG Electronics launches new smart lighting control system


LG Electronics has unveiled a new smart lighting control system dubbed the LG Smart Lighting Manager (SLM).

LG said that the new offering is a Tier 3 solution that gives customers more options and scalability for a cost-effective alternative to full-scale building management systems.

LG’s SLM is a server-based solution that qualifies for utility-driven rebates, providing a new option to help building owners and operators maximize operational efficiencies with their lighting infrastructure, the firm said.

SLM purchases come without the burden of licensing fees, where customers only need to purchase the hardware and server to effectively control their lighting fixtures, the firm added.

“Providing our customers with the tools they need to outfit their buildings with the latest in lighting technology is our top priority,” said Jim Bailey, head of LG’s U.S. lighting business. “At the largest gathering of lighting professionals, we’re showing how LG meets customers’ needs with the introduction of a simple way to control all their lighting with an easy-to-use interface and the LG SLM solution.”

LG’s  server-based lighting management system comes with a HTML5-based interface, and offers flexible new ways to control lighting systems in a variety of applications. For instance, with the ability to manage up to 5,000 lighting fixtures, LG’s SLM allows users to control their lighting system whether monitoring data, making adjustments or scheduling through a clean and intuitive interface.

LG Electronics USA, the North American subsidiary of Korean tech company LG Electronics, is based in Englewood Cliffs, N.J. The company sells a range of products from home appliances and home entertainment products to mobile phones, commercial displays, air conditioning systems and LED lighting and solar energy solutions in the domestic market.

Delta showcase IoT-based smart lighting, building automation solutions

In related news, Delta, a specialist in power and thermal management solutions, said it will showcase its IoT-based smart lighting and building automation solutions at LIGHTFAIR International 2019. The display will include a live demonstration of Delta’s Bluetooth Intelligent Control (BIC) luminaries, which boast built-in Bluetooth SIG Mesh technology to enable many-to-many (M:M) device communications, comprehensive building data collection and smart energy management via advanced functions, such as, wireless lighting control, location-based tracking and auto-sensing, among others.

Building automation systems from Delta  enhance occupant-driven smart applications in hospital, retail, office as well as industrial buildings.

“The Delta BIC solution combines Bluetooth Mesh wireless communication modules and LED drivers to convert a commercial building lamp into a node of IoT architecture. This has turned Delta into a total solutions provider capable of enhancing the intelligence, efficiency, safety and comfort of buildings,” said Bill Luo, general manager of Delta’s Building Automation Business Group.