Sadly, we haven’t heard anything remotely close to an idea of when the device will be coming out, much less a solid foldable iPhone release date.

We’ve only heard rumors about patents and leaks, like this one from Jon Prosser, that talk about a ‘current prototype,’ suggesting that Apple may not have even finalized a design. Prosser went on to confirm that the tech giant was working on a foldable, but implied that it wouldn’t be coming this year.

One source suggested we wouldn’t be seeing a foldable iPhone until 2023 at the earliest, and that report even suggested it may be later than that as well.

We also don’t know how much this is set to cost when it does land, but considering a lot of foldable phones costs well over the $1000 / £1000 / AU$2000 you should expect it to be a high price to pay.

As for the name, we’ve only heard rumor that it could be called the iPhone Flip, likely referring to the Galaxy Z Flip-like patents we’ve seen that hint at a clamshell folding format.

At this point, foldable iPhone rumors fall broadly into two camps: one which suggests the device will have a true folding display, and the other suggesting two distinct screens separated by a hinge.

How long Apple has been working on a foldable phone – which may end up being called the iPhone Flip, or maybe iPhone Fold depending on its form factor – is unclear, but the tech giant infamously keeps its projects under wraps until it’s ready to reveal them!!!