Meaningful Access and Inclusiveness

Challenges of Meaningful access, to achieve digital societal inclusion in the Arab region

Dear Participant,

In line with SDG 9, countries in the Arab region should devise universal internet access policies that allow affordable access to quality broadband services, facilitate  digital inclusion, including the development of digital skills, access for women and persons with disabilities, and availability of relevant content and applications.

This session, under the Arab IGF track, discusses the main challenges to achieving the goals of meaningful access in the context of digital transformation revolve around three axes:

o  Networking and connectivity challenges associated with financing and expanding broadband infrastructure

o  Pricing/cost barriers that limit the uptake of digital services due to low purchasing power compared to high prices of services and end-user devices

o  Challenges to Internet inclusiveness, which require eliminating digital divides, facilitating access to internet, developing digital skills, addressing gender disparities and accessibility of services for people with disabilities, and encouraging the development of digital content locally.

Click here for the agenda: DCDF-IGF-منتدى التعاون الرقمي والتنمية ESCWA

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