Smart rings are a thing, and it looks like they’re here to stay. While some new wearable categories spring up, make big noise and then fade away, the future of smart rings looks bright.

There’s plenty of different use cases for smart rings. Many have been focused on payments, but many are loaded with the kind of health sensors that would give any smartwatch a run for its money.

We might not have an Apple smart ring or connected rings made by Google, Samsung and Huawei just yet, but there’s a host of smart startups that are showing the heavyweights how it’s done.

  • Best sleep tracker
  • Oura v Fitbit

The Oura Ring 3 has impressed most of all, but there are also other options on the way like Circular and Movano, which look to increase the options of smart rings you can slip onto your digits.

Some of the most exciting and connected rings have sadly already left the game. The Amazon Echo Loop has been discontinued and while we were big fans of the Motiv Ring, the startup that brought it to life was bought up by a biometric company in 2020 ending the life of that device.

There are definitely plenty of reasons to be excited about smart rings and if you’re ready to size up for one, we’ve picked out the best to pick up right now and highlighted new rings that are on the way to look forward to.

Top Picks:

Ultra Human

Oura Ring 3

McLear RingPay

Prevention Circul+

ORII Smart Ring

New smart rings incoming…

We’ve given you our top rings we’ve tested, these are the rings that have been announced that are set to launch by the end of 2022.

Circular Smart Ring (October/November 2022)

Movano Ring (H2 2022)

ArcX (August 2022)



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